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Shiho Akiyama (秋山 紫穂)


アシュタンガヨガ正式指導者(SYC / KPJAYI Authorized Teacher)
mysore fukuoka (@mysorefukuoka)主宰


幼少時代は音楽と戯れ水泳の選手として過ごし10代後半からDjとしての活動を始め音楽に導かれヨーロッパへ旅に出た彼女はUnderground Cultureに惹かれDJ・音楽制作・モデル・カメラマン等のクリエイティブ活動を通してマクロビオティック、ラスタファリアン等の哲学や食事法に出会い、同時にYogaに出会いました。


Ashtanga Yogaの練習を続けながらNYのYogaを日本に紹介したプロジェクトにてアシスタントを努め解剖学・Yoga Sutra等様々な学びと交流の機会を得て2006年から指導を続けています。


南インドMysoreにあるShri K Pattabhi Jois ASHTANGA YOGA INSTITUTE (現在はSharath Yoga Center )にてSharath Rangaswamy師に、Hawaii オアフ島の”Purple Yoga Hawaii”にてCathy Luise Brodaに師事。(


継続的に彼らの元で練習を重ね2012年には KPJAYI Sharath Rangaswamy師よりAshtanga Yogaの正式指導者として認定されました。


長く携わった音楽活動はDJ、トラックコンポーズ、Vo, 鍵盤楽器演奏等で様々なアーティスト作品に参加。過去にBLACK SMOKER RECORDS (TOKYO, JAPAN) ・Jelly Fish Frequecy Recordings (INDIA) から楽曲をリリースしており、インド4都市でのツアーやフェスに出演。国内ではDOMMUNE、yogaのフェスティバルにも出演しています。


2019年にはCold Pressed Juice & Smoothie Barをオープンさせ、長年培った実践的な食へのアプローチもスタート、分子栄養学とも合わせた講座を開催しています。



Spent most of the childhood dedicated to music and swimming and in the late teens, became a DJ and brought me to Europe. Went through a phase through many underground sub-cultures including modeling, composing music, photography, and DJ. With these connection as an active creator, soon absorbed the views of Rastafarianism and macrobiotic diet, and yoga was ultimately unavoidable.

While learning Ashtanga Yoga, assisted a project introduce yoga from New York to Japan. This became an opportunity to gather knowledge of anatomy, Yoga Sutra, and much more and continued to learn from 2006.

Through KPJAYI (, continues to be taught under the masters of yoga, Sharath Rangaswamy (KPJAYI from Mysore, Southern India) and Cathy Luise Broda (Purple Yoga Hawaii from Oahu, Hawaii).

In March of 2012, under the blessing of Guru Rangaswamy (KPJAYI from Mysore, Southern India), become Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and began as an official assistant.

Resumes practice under and assistance to the master and strengthens understanding.   With the aid of Patagoina Japan Pro Purchase, Ashtanga Yoga workshops begin. In 2014, successfully produces a song through BLACK SMOKER RECORDS (Tokyo, Japan) and Jelly Fish Frequency Recordings (India) and joins a tour and festivals through four cities of India. Participated in domestic events such as DOMMUNE and other yoga festivals.

Emphasis relies on notions coming together and moving towards something important and providing adequate space that seems endless.

Music, yoga, and surfing are all equally significant portions of life, personally.